Number Of Custom Post Type Posts Per Page Pagination 8 Tips To Improve Website Engagement

8 Tips To Improve Website Engagement

Let’s talk about bounce rate. Bounce rate is one of those rare analytics numbers that you’d love to be low. What is a bounce? A bounce occurs when a visitor clicks onto your website and ‘bounces’ away again. This could be for a number of reasons, which you’ll discover as I give you 8 tips to improve website engagement. Continue reading…

6 reasons multiple websites are killing your business

6 Reasons Multiple Websites Are Killing Your Business

I was recently approached by a potential client, very much of the ‘old school’ who believes that having multiple websites to promote his business is a fantastic idea. After all, wouldn’t having lots and lots of extra exposure under different domain names and search terms be a no-brainer? Continue reading…

optimise google places for targeted traffic content marketing strategies that create new leads

Using Content Marketing Strategies To Gain New Leads

Folks – it’s time to get wordy. Using content marketing strategies to gain new leads is in. Thin content should be treated like a zombie invasion and shot on sight.

The internet is finally heading in the right direction and shedding content spammers like the mealy mouthed opportunists they are. You know the type of content I mean; a couple of paragraphs of text that exist purely for self promotion or a thinly veiled, grammatically incorrect back link for SEO reasons. We’re now talking manual actions from Google that penalise websites using this approach. There’s even a term for it – Thin Content. Continue reading…

Using Tumblr for SEO

Using Tumblr For SEO

Using Tumblr for SEO is amazingly effective – basically, it’s an entire blogging ecosystem that’s been genetically spliced in a mad-mans lab with a social network. ‘And Behold!’ cried the said lunatic as he created one of the finest back linking strategies available. Continue reading…

How to build a brand

How To Build A Brand

How to build a brand? Time, effort, consistency and loyalty to your customers. Put simply, a brand is the image you place in a persons head when your name is mentioned, or your logo is seen, a ‘feeling’ or ‘emotion’ that is provoked across a broad audience. A brand isn’t any one thing about your business, it’s not just ‘what you do’, it’s your business as a collective impression. Continue reading…

10 best wordpress themes 2014

10 Best Free WordPress Themes 2014

We’ve chosen the 10 best free WordPress themes 2014 based on our love of themes that aren’t bogged down with bells and whistles you’ll never use. As a rule, we develop from barebones up, but not everyone’s a sad nerdy social mess; these are perfect for those that need to get a project on the go right away. Continue reading…

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