Using Tumblr for SEO

Using Tumblr for SEO is amazingly effective – basically, it’s an entire blogging ecosystem that’s been genetically spliced in a mad-mans lab with a social network. ‘And Behold!’ cried the said lunatic as he created one of the finest back linking strategies available.

Why is Tumblr so effective for SEO?

Take a look at your own blog, probably a WordPress install. Yes, fantastic piece of kit but it lacks that ‘truly social’ aspect, other than the work you put into publicising your latest pearls of wisdom over the Usual Suspects, a.k.a. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc.

Tumblr IS a social network, with an intricate infrastructure to rival any of its peers. Other bloggers can follow you, share your content with others and (best of all) find your content with a very robust hash tagging search system. It’s blog retweeting with more than 140 characters to play with – although, if you are sharing content, put your own opinions and spin on it. I’d also point out that using Tumblr for SEO also means producing your own content, and not just sharing everyone else’s.

Simply by leveraging the hashtag search system and applying it into your own post, you don’t need followers to kick things off; they’ll find you via search.

DOFOLLOW linking goodness drips that juice back to you

In an age where the average blogger is afraid to be liberal with the link juice, Tumblr’s a do follow back linking extravaganza. That lovely flow of page rank and link juice flows freely, meaning that if a post with a link back to your website is reblogged heavily by other followers, you’ve just accrued a mass of back links organically.

A Tumblr blog is an investment

PR applies to Tumblr. Your Tumblr blog can exist as a blog all of its own and frequently during searches, you’ll see Tumblr results. Better than that, it can exist as a complete website all of its own. Obviously, you’ll never get quite the same functionality as a WordPress install, but it is possible to add pages to your Tumblr blog to provide extra information. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that if you are starting up on the web today as a small business with zero budget, it would make a fantastic start.

Hell, you can even point a purchased domain name at the Tumblr name servers! But as always, don’t be sticking all those eggs in one basket – tech companies have a history of either vanishing or being snapped up by larger prey and left to rot. Use it in conjunction with something you can rely on.

Keeping your Tumblr blog on brand

Your new found blog should be keeping to the same company message as your main website and in most respects compliment it. Keep your posts to a theme – if you’re in marketing you should probably keep LOLCATS to your personal Facebook account and concentrate on your key subject!

What kind of content gets traffic?

Think of Tumblr as a cross between Twitter and Facebook by accounts; we’re talking attention spans of a toddler. It needs a more visual approach than your typical self-hosted blog entry. If you can create content that tells a story through pictures, you’re onto a winner. Images that create emotional reactions, right through to shock and horror(!) lead the pack in here.

And the best part? All this dripping, link-juicy brilliance won’t cost you a penny. Granted, you can buy a template, but if you’re technically able, it’s a cinch to come up with your own. Go play and start using Tumblr for SEO!

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