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I recently completed a fresh website for a client, who had an old website that was built using, a do it yourself website builder that charges a flat monthly fee. Anyway, it came time to consider getting the new website up onto hosting and preparing a list of 301 redirects to preserve the page rank and domain authority.

Guess what? Proprietary all the way. uses AJAX generated hash bang url’s, which insert ‘#!’ into the url structure. It allows your website to be served up by AJAX and if this was all that was required, it’d be no problem.

The Big Problem With

The huge issue comes if and when you need to move your website to another domain. There’s no way to redirect those hash bangs via a 301 Redirect. You are effectively, other than front page value, starting from scratch.

What is a 301 redirect?

A 301 Redirect is a method of ensuring that accumulated domain value is transferred to the new site, steering all that lovely link juice that every link to your website carries to your property. With, there’s no possible way to do this. Javascript redirects are all well and good, but they merely redirect the page, not the value.

Thankfully, my client had a small website that hadn’t been live for a great deal of time, so inner pages had accumulated very little in the way of backlinks and social media attention. The front page, obviously, doesn’t require one because it’s merely

Don’t use if you plan on a future-proofed website

The trouble with is that if you design a website on there, plan on being with them for life. If your site creates any serious authority or value, any future moves will effectively leave you starting all over again from nothing.



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