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Working as a freelance SEO, Lincolnshire, I help connect your business to the web, improve your website search results and encourage more of your visitors to convert into customers.

The organic search engine results drive the most reliable traffic to your business website. As a freelance SEO, Lincolnshire, I take care of what is a very confusing subject, covering the production of editorial content, back linking to relevant websites in your niche and on-page SEO techniques such as keyword analysis.

Hire me as your freelance SEO and watch your website climb the search engines!

My goal is to take over the task of SEO for your small business website and allow it to flourish above your competition, with solid, repeatable search results that are cemented in place.

The process starts with analysing the structure and hierarchy of information on your page, and analysing the keywords that visitors are most likely to be using in order to find you in the first place. This first step is keyword research and takes into account both the volume of expected traffic and the amount of competition for it.

Phase 1: Web & Competitor Research

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The very first step is research. I need to understand key points of your business model and your expectations, which allows me to work with you on a much deeper level. It’s not just about rankings; my SEO services are geared to improving sales at the same time. Ultimately, an ongoing SEO campaign is the best investment you can make.

  • Your rivals – who are they and what strategies have worked for them?
  • Keywords – the words people use to find your specific service. This allows me to see the amount of potential traffic and competition.
  • The purpose behind your online presence and what you are hoping to achieve.
  • The best strategy to apply to increase your rankings.

Phase 2: On-page optimisation and usability

Seo Lincolnshire

This is where I  optimise the on-page elements of your website. This takes into account page tags and body copy, seeding the keywords you want the page optimised for into all the essential elements. This increases the relevancy of your content and  counts towards approximately 30% of ranking success.

  • Is your website facing usability issues? Is it easy to browse?
  • Navigation confusing? A difficult to use website may be sending visitors to your competitor.
  • Outdated technologies, for example Flash that can’t be displayed on Apple devices.
  • Is your content lacking? It may well need copywriting.

Phase 3: Web Marketing, Linking & Promotion

SEO Lincolnshire

Accounting for a large proportion of your SEO campaign, this consists of a number of factors. I use only safe techniques that follow the major search engines guidelines. Lately, there has been a lot of flux within Google as it refines its algorithms to weed out poor quality sites with poor quality links.

  • Relevant, high quality links from authoritative websites which are both Google Panda and Penguin safe.
  • High quality hand written content that is submitted and promoted online.
  • Guest blogging, directory submissions, Google Places promotion and more.
  • The best strategy to apply to increase your rankings, which varies wildly depending on industry and goals.

Phase 4: Reporting & Continued Growth

SEO LincolnshireIt’s important to realise that traffic and ranking increases don’t happen overnight and that an SEO campaign should be a sustained effort. Every month, I provide reports on ranking and traffic increases and, when applicable, will make suggestions that could lead to even more improvements.

Month By Month Traffic Growth

Every business model, product and service is different, as the level of competition in your given area can be drastically different to another.

As time progresses, you will see steady increases in traffic levels, which in return will lead to increased click conversions and sales.

SEO, Lincolnshire And Nationwide

An SEO campaign is vital for the continued growth of traffic and those all important potential customers, especially when trading in a a wide geographic area, nationwide or a high competition market.

Freelance SEO, Lincolnshire – No Obligation Quote

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