How to promote your blog with reddit

Reddit doesn’t often appear in the list if asked by Joe Ordinary to provide a list of popular social networks. But popular it is; the self proclaimed ‘front page of the internet’ is a powerhouse consisting of millions of users and a well timed link post (with a great headline, naturally!) has been known to reproduce the ‘digg effect’ and even crash hosting that isn’t up to that much traffic. This is how to promote your blog on Reddit.

Promote your blog on Reddit with great content

But just how do you promote your blog with Reddit? The answer’s all in the content at the end of your link. Following the ‘content is king’ mantra, if it’s a word-turd at the the arrival point you’ll be voted down and out.

Now, unless you’re writing about a subject that appeals to the masses, you’ll see nowhere near digg levels of ironic server resetting. However, fancy a decent boost? This is the kind of thing you can expect at the most modest of levels.

How to promte your blog with reddit

An anonymous community of technically minded people.

Reddit carries a high degree of anonymity, requiring only an email address and password, with nothing in the way of verification. This lends a slight air of anything goes; get it wrong and Reddit is the social equivalent of being thrown to the dogs – your post will get shredded. Research everything you write and do it in triplicate; the average audience is in the 20’s and 30’s and technically orientated.

How does Reddit work?

Discussions, links – they’re all carried along on a simple voting system. If someone likes your post, they vote it up. Likewise, if it’s lacking in appeal, down it goes. Users gain karma for commenting on posts using the very same system. It’s pretty easy to tell if you are seen as the internet version of John Major, because everything you post will vanish under the heaving weight of new posts.

The front page of Reddit

Don’t reinvent the wheel! But at the same time, improve on it. Hover cars would be great, right around now. By analysing the front page of Reddit, you’ll have a better idea of what does well, what fails and what falls through the middle. Have a look at the ‘hot’, ‘new’ and ‘rising’ tabs to build a better picture of what content has the best chance of going viral.

At the same time, why not have a look through the subreddits for questions that people need answering? If they reoccur on a regular basis, there’s a good chance this is generating a fair amount of traffic through Google organic searches.

Subreddits – useful niches for content exposure

This is where you’ll be posting. Think of these as niche communities. If they become popular enough they can be boosted to the front page: this is what results in the occasional masterful post sending server crashing levels of traffic. As a new user (or a guest that’s not logged in), you’re seeing everything; dig into the core a little and start subscribing to topics and these will take over within your homepage. Basically, spend a little time customising Reddit into a place that’s sending you the content you want.

How to promote your blog with reddit

You’ll never stay at the top of the pile

The entire point of Reddit is to provide a continuous feed of new information. Not in the scattergun way that Twitter handles it, but there is a time delay fixed into the system – roughly speaking, you have around about 24 hours to shine brightly.

Posting on Reddit for maximum audience

For this point, I’ll throw you over to someone that’s already done the research. A redittor took a look at the submissions over a period of 75 weeks and came up with the hotspots for posting for all those that went viral (collected over 3000 karma points) and produced the following heat map of times:

How to promote your blog with reddit

As you can see, Monday 7pm is your sweet spot; bear in mind that this is EST, not GMT. You’ll have to pop across to a conversion tool to get the best time in your country. Don’t post in the morning; this author’s tried it and the results are, to be technical, ‘nada’. Not a bean or a sausage.

Reddiquete and why you should obey it

Stop reading this article now and go have a look at the Rediquette. Back yet? Good! Obvious points,really; think about the human beings you’re posting to. But above all, it’s in the taking part. Endless submissions of articles and a refusal to reply to comments (even the bad ones) is just plain spammy spam spam. It’s a community, so treat it as such.

Besides, commenting is a great way to build a readership. A great comment on someone else’s post, even if it’s not related to your usual subject, can be a traffic builder. Click on someones username and you’ll see a list of what they’ve posted/commented on.

SEO value? Yes, but do it for readership.

Reddit does generate back link value – a quick scan through Moz and Webmaster Tools, as well as nofollow browser plugins confirms this.

Yet Reddit has its value in direct traffic. Boosting traffic levels is the name of the game here, especially if your blog is relatively new to the scene. Provided your content is up to scratch, following some of the techniques outlined here can kickstart the sense of community that every blog needs.

Promote your blog with Reddit on a regular basis, but make it content that people WANT to read. You’re doing them a service!

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