As of April 21st, Google has confirmed that mobile usability will now be a ranking factor in the mobile search results, as in part of the hideously complicated search algorithm.

Now’s the time to get busy testing out your pages to find out how truly useful they are, or whether they’re a mobile millstone. Google has hinted at these changes for a while now, so I guess it’s time for another shake-up. Guess you’ll have to go with the google page speed test to find out more….

App’s will now be indexed as well, so wherever possible, they’ll start pulling content from those and adding them to the mix.

They’ve also stated that ‘the results will have a significant impact on search results’. And it’s about time, as well; maybe now, some of those older websites that hang around from days of yore, doing very little and putting everyone through pinch and zoom hell will slowly, over the next few years, be put to rest.

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