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Want to get more Twitter followers? Driving targeted traffic with twitter is relatively easy, if you take a few points into consideration. Twitter has long been seen as a vanity project by the general population, with celebrity tweeters such as Stephen Fry at the head of the pack; a chance to say ‘look at me’ on the internet version of text messaging.

Get More Twitter Followers – The Intelligent Way

To the blogger and the business owner, Twitter is an incredible way of getting your article or message out there to a rich and diverse audience – provided you follow a few steps that will gain it maximum traffic.

Blindly clicking on random people to get more Twitter followers just plain isn’t going to work. This person has followed you not because they think you have something of value to offer, but because they’re playing the vanity numbers game.

  • There’s a good chance you’ve followed a spam bot
  • They more than likely won’t read your posts – to them you are a number, not a valuable source of information.

An engaged Twitter audience

What are the hallmarks of an audience who not only values your posts, but finds them genuinely useful?

  • They retweet your posts – either from twitter itself or from the twitter share button on your article.
  • They comment on your tweet

Use hashtags for targeting

What is a hashtag? It’s a way of marking your tweet as relevant to a subject. It’s also part of the trending topics system – topics have see a surge of interest, sometimes news related and sometimes information related. For example, here’s one of my previous posts:

5 reasons not to work from home #freelancer #webdesign

The freelancer and webdesign hashtags aim this particular post at those most likely to work from home, and was a tongue in cheek article. Using hashtags gives your post a much better chance of showing up when people search for that subject. Check the twitter support page for more information.

How do you find out which trends are going to get you the most readership? I use, which will give you a great idea of what’s trending and what’s headed down. Bear in mind that time of day and location, as well as time differences across nations will play a big part

Get people to find you outside of Twitter

This can come from diverse locations. Make sure you have a direct link to your twitter account from both your front and blog page; there are plenty of social modules and plugins available that will do this for you.

Engage your fellow Twitter user

It’s no good just following your potential readers (potential customers?). Twitter is like an information gun to the face, and you’re likely to get drowned out in the sheer information overload. To stand out from the crowd, you have to exercise a few steps.

  • Comment on other peoples tweets – it builds relationships
  • Share stuff you find interesting – retweet it and sometimes you’ll be thanked for it – and remembered for it.
  • Have you mentioned a person or business as part of a tweet or article? Message them as well and get some thanks and another possible retweet.

Presentation drives targeted traffic from Twitter

Remember that your tweets don’t have to be a match for your title – your work is just beginning! Your tweet has to bring in that vital click, and presentation will play a huge part in driving traffic.

An enticing tweet that, purposely designed to invoke interest. Keep it short and sweet. 140 character may seem short and sweet, but remember that information coming in like a gatling gun; the average Twitter addict doesn’t need any extra overload.

Analyse your efforts to maximise targeted traffic with Twitter

Services such as allow you to gauge post engagement and analyse your efforts. My personal favourite is Hootsuite – it allows me to gauge audience take-up over a whole slew of Twitter and Facebook accounts and I’d rate it as one of the best tools I’ve ever purchased, as well as allowing scheduled release.

Don’t tweet once – tweet often

And when I say this, I don’t mean every 5 minutes (you don’t want to spam and lose followers) – a couple of times a day is fine. Try it with different presentation; it’s the only way of knowing what works best, and what bring those visitors in. Use it as a valuable learning curve.

Summary – Get More Twitter Followers OF VALUE.

Twitter is an incredibly useful tool in targeting traffic. For optimal use, it should be used in conjunction with all the other social networks; if you’ve made a post anywhere, get onto Twitter; in turn, you’ll get more Twitter followers who value your opinions and articles. Time your posts carefully, give forethought to the text and research those trends first!

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