10 best wordpress themes 2014

We’ve chosen the 10 best free WordPress themes 2014 based on our love of themes that aren’t bogged down with bells and whistles you’ll never use. As a rule, we develop from barebones up, but not everyone’s a sad nerdy social mess; these are perfect for those that need to get a project on the go right away.

10 Best WordPress Themes 2014

These are our personal picks of the 10 best free WordPress themes 2014 – team them up with some of the more popular plugins and you’ve got a fully functional website that’s good to go.

Personalising your blog is important and the following themes are chosen with this in mind. Never run a WordPress theme straight out of the box and call it a website; take the time to stamp your own sense of individuality on it. It’s way too easy to take a theme, install it, put the content in and call it your own, but there are a number of goals to achieve first; different businesses have different call to actions, don’t rely on a preset option.

The best WordPress themes enable you to sculpt them and also keep up with the latest trends and technologies. The majority of the examples below will allow you to change a number of aspects, from fonts and layouts to customisable post types.

Of course, if you’re code capable, there’s nothing to stop you taking these themes and doing a wide-scale conversion on them!


10 best wordpress themes 2014

First up in our list of WordPress free themes is Revera, a Bootstrap based theme with a simple yet well laid out structure. Could work pretty well for the average small business, this is relatively uncluttered, with a nice amount of whitespace. As well as the de-facto blog, it also has a Portfolio custom post type. The home page slider is well thought out and it uses a paired back colour scheme (light red highlights and white background).

*NOTE* – although this WordPress theme is free to download, its license is for non-commercial; I’m assuming that a fee is payable for commercial use


10 best wordpress themes 2014

Clean and crisp, this is suitable for personal and commercial sites and has a very minimal aesthetic. Simple colours and some good complimentary imagery.


10 best wordpress themes 2014

A beautifully simple and clean looking WordPress theme, this has a lot of customisation options built in and is retina ready. Comes with several layout options, and is very content led. For an extra $19 you can get the pro license, which allows you to unlock a much larger feature set.

Point Free

10 best wordpress themes 2014

Fully responsive, this comes with a theme configurator so you don’t have to touch a line of code to change the appearance. HTML5 and CSS3 compliant, this also has some built in SEO options. Makes for a great starter theme, rather than an out-of-the-box masterpiece.


10 best wordpress themes 2014

A beautifully simple two column template and perfect for a quick blog project. Allows you to configure colours and backgrounds, it has an off-canvas sidebar for mobile devices. Just goes to show that ‘minimalist’ doesn’t mean ‘without style’.


10 best wordpress themes 2014

Adamos is a free WordPress theme that’s very easy to tailor to your own needs. It’s fully customisable, from header and logo to a fully functional slider. for a $9.95 fee, you’ll also get multiple colour options and a custom CSS editor.



10 best wordpress themes 2014

This WordPress Theme is ideal for magazine type sites, with a lot of news stories to display. Inspired by Listverse, this theme is fully responsive and is GPLV3 licensed. The template itself is very lean, with only 3 images for the entire layout, relying as much as possible on CSS (yay!) to style layout.


10 best wordpress themes 2014

Forceful is very much suited to magazine layouts and more complex blogs. Packed with widgets (14 in all) for crucial stuff, such as social media, advertising and much more. It also allows you to create your own sidebars from the admin and assign them to unique pages.


10 best wordpress themes 2014

Make has a drag and drop interface/page builder that allows the layout to be customised to a great degree. Very much a base framework, yet not strictly bare bones, this is a very powerful WordPress theme that could easily be tailored to power business, blogging and magazine/portal style websites.


10 best wordpress themes 2014


Hemingway is an impressively stylish 2 column WordPress theme with multiple post formats, with widget areas for video and media, including Dribble and Flickr. Lots of whitespace, used well, this is beautifully laid out.

Right, that’s our choices for the 10 best free WordPress themes 2014 – what are yours? Give us another ten and we’ll write up another post!


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